Rob Kaufman, LCSW
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Lic #LCS 13988) who grew up in New Jersey but now consider Los Angeles home after living here over 30 years. I am married with a son from a previous marriage, two step-daughters and grandchildren.

When I am not being a therapist, I am busy being a husband, father, step-father and grandfather. Like you, I wrestle with day to day problems and believe that my relationships and life experiences help me be a better therapist.

I view psychotherapy as a partnership between you and me. We will work side by side to deal with whatever issues or concerns you have. I believe that together, between your life experiences and my life experiences, both personally and professionally, we are better able to address and resolve your problems.

MSW (Master of Social Welfare) University of California, Los Angeles 1986
LLM (Master of Laws) Georgetown University Law Center 1979
JD (Juris Doctor) California Western School of Law. 1978
BA (Bachelor of Arts) University of Southern California 1973

Being a psychotherapist is my third career. After college (University of Southern California - BA History) I worked in the restaurant business for about a year. What I learned from that experience was that I really enjoy working with people but did not find the work stimulating or challenging enough.

So I went to law school. After graduating from law school (California Western School of Law - JD) I went on and earned a Masters Degree in Tax Law (Georgetown University Law Center - LLM) in order to specialize in corporate and tax law. What I learned from this experience was that it was very stimulating and challenging but I missed the people connection. Also, the work was very isolating.

Following graduation, I went through divorce and did some soul searching. I remembered the one thing I had always enjoyed more than anything else - talking with people about their problems. So I concluded that the career which best combines the three elements I enjoy the most - challenge, stimulation, and working with people - was psychotherapy. That is how I became a clinical social worker and have not regretted my decision one bit.


UCLA NeuroPsychiatric Institute & Hospital (1985-1986)
          Mental Retardation, Child Psychiatry

Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic (1984-1985)
          Currently Pacific Clinics

At each of these Internships I worked mainly with children and families. Most of the problems concerning children related to them not listening to their parents, acting out in school, not getting along with other children, and not doing homework or chores around the house. Some children and adolescents were depressed for a variety of reasons, including that their parents divorced or they didn't get along with a step-parent or step-siblings.

I also worked with children who were developmentally disabled, such as children with autism or mental retardation. I co-facilitated a group therapy for adolescent boys who each had Duchene's form of Muscular Dystrophy.

While at each internship I had the opportunity to work with children who were neglected and/or abused, physically and sexually. I also co-facilitated a therapy group for men who sexually molested their daughters or step-daughters.

Professional Experience

Divorce Dialogue - A Divorce Support Group
     Founder, CEO & Facilitator
     Since 1981

Private Practice
     Since 1986

Aviva Family & Children's Services
     Clinical Director

Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services
     Social Worker

     University of Judaism (Wagner Program) - Parenting After Divorce
     Everywoman's Village - Assertive Divorce
     Learning Tree University - Couples Communication / Assertive Divorce
     Santa Monica Community College (Extension) - Divorce Support Group
     California State University, Los Angeles (Extension) - Assertive Divorce / Divorce Support Group

Professional Certifications

Board Certified Diplomate
          American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

Academy of Certified Social Workers
          National Association of Social Workers

Qualified Clinical Social Worker
          National Association of Social Workers

Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
          National Association of Social Workers

Professional Memberships

American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

California Society for Clinical Social Workers

National Association of Social Workers

Professional License

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
     License Number: LCS 13988


I work with many insurance companies. Please ask if your insurance company is among them.


My fee for psychotherapy varies depending upon a number of factors, including:
  • If you have medical insurance which covers mental health
  • If I am a provider for your insurance
  • If you have met your insurance deductible
Q: Is your fee more if I come as a couple or bring my entire family? A: My fee is the same whether you come individually, as a couple or as a family. I charge for my time, not based on the number of people who come to the session.
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