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Questions Concerning . . . . . "What is Divorce Dialogue?"

Q: I'm still living with my spouse and I don't know if we are going to separate or divorce. Is Divorce Dialogue right for me?

A: Yes. Even if you are not sure if you want to separate, the group discussions will help you decide whether to divorce or work toward a reconciliation.

If your spouse is threatening separation or divorce, the group discussions will help you decide 1) how hard to fight for a reconciliation and 2) how long to wait for your spouse to make up their mind. In either case we can help you gain control over your life.

Q: I feel I'm over my divorce. It's being single in the dating world that scares me. Should I be in Divorce Dialogue?

A: Absolutely. Divorce Dialogue not only helps members through divorce but is designed to explore all the issues people face once they are past the divorce and single again. We talk about "How can I ever trust again?" or "When do I know I'm ready to date?"

Questions Concerning . . . . . "Why Join A Support Group?"

Q: Why should I join Divorce Dialogue instead of another divorce support group? Aren't they all the same?

A: No. Every divorce support group is different, both in the format of the group and how the leader runs the group.

Rob Kaufman, who founded Divorce Dialogue, is a licensed psychotherapist (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and has been facilitating divorce support groups for over 24 years. He has helped all kinds of people with all kinds of divorce problems. Many members have stayed in the group over a year because of Rob. Some members have even reconciled with their spouse and remained in the group because they have learned so much about relationships.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "How Divorce Dialogue Works"

Q: Do I have to socialize with other members? What if I don't want to?

A: No one is obligated to socialize if they don't want to. Many of our members have lost their old network of friends to the divorce. Some only have married friends who don't really understand what it feels like to go through divorce and so members welcome meeting and socializing with new friends from the group who truly understand what they're going through.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "Who Are Our Members?"

Q: I was in a significant relationship, but never married, can I still join Divorce Dialogue?

A: Absolutely. While most members were or are still legally married, some members were never married but are going through a break up that is equally painful.

Q: I am widowed, is Divorce Dialogue still right for me?

A: While the death of a loved one can be every bit as difficult and painful as divorce we have learned that the transitions and adjustments are very different. Because of this we feel that a divorce support group would not be appropriate for those who are widowed.

Q: I feel I am over my divorce, but I was in a significant relationship following my divorce which recently ended and I am in a lot of pain. Can I join Divorce Dialogue?

A: Yes. Most members are struggling with the anguish of their divorce but for some the break-up of a subsequent relationship is even more painful than their divorce.

Q: How large is the group? Is there a limit on how many members can be in the group?

A: The maximum number of members in a group is around fifteen, give or take one or two.

Q: If the group is full how long will I have to wait to join?

A: Most of the time there are openings in the group. However, when the group is full generally there will be an opening in a very short time. When there is a waiting list people are called on a first come first served basis.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "How Much Does Divorce Dialogue Cost?"

Each meeting costs $35. Registration must be made prior to the first meeting. Payment is made at the first meeting you attend.

Q: What if I cannot afford $35, do you have a sliding scale and charge less?

A: No. While I am sensitive to people's financial difficulties, there is no reduction in the price of each meeting.

Q: 2: Do you accept credit cards?

A: No. The only acceptable forms of payment are by check or cash.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "When Does The Group Meet?"

Q: Does the group meet any night other than Monday?

A: This is the only night the groups meet and there are no plans to either the day or offer additional days.

Q: Does the starting time of the group ever change?

A: There are no plans to change the starting time from 6:30 p.m.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "Where Does The Group Meet?"

Q: Why meet in homes? Why not in an office like other groups?

A: Divorce is difficult enough having to reveal our personal lives in courts and attorneys' offices. The informality and intimacy of a living room where members bring food to share, kick off their shoes and curl up on couches lends itself to the kind of comfort and support most look for during this painful time.

Q: Do I have to offer my home? What if I don't want to?

A: No one is obligated to offer their home. Only those who want to open up their living rooms to the group do so. Some members are not able to offer their home because they are still living with their spouse, or may have children around the house, or simply are not able to accommodate the group. Some members may not yet feel comfortable hosting the group. Whatever the reason, you never have to host the group if you do not want to.

Q: How is it decided where the meetings are held?

A: During the course of each meeting Rob asks the group who would like to offer his or her home for the next meeting. After one or more people volunteer their homes the group votes on which home to meet at and the majority rules.

Questions Concerning . . . . . "Who Facilitates the Group Meetings?"

Q: Does anyone other than Rob Kaufman lead the group?

A: No, only Rob Kaufman.

Q: What happens if Rob is ill or goes on vacation?

A: In theory, the group meeting is canceled when Rob is not available. In reality, if Rob is ill one night or he is on vacation for a couple of weeks, the group may decide to meet on its own without Rob - maybe for a pool party, a BBQ or over dinner. Whatever the group decides, the meetings without Rob never count toward your four-week series.

Q: How much does Rob Kaufman know about divorce?

A: Rob Kaufman, MSW is a Board Certified Psychotherapist - a Licensed Clinical Social Worker - with over 20 years experience counseling groups, individuals, couples, and families struggling with divorce. He is remarried after having been divorced for many years. Rob is the father of a son from a previous marriage, the step-father of two daughters, and a step-grandfather.

Q: What are Rob Kaufman's Educational Credentials?

A: See below:

MSW (Master of Social Welfare) University of California, Los Angeles 1986
LLM (Master of Laws) Georgetown University Law Center 1979
JD (Juris Doctor) California Western School of Law 1978
BA (Bachelor of Arts) University of Southern California 1973


UCLA NeuroPsychiatric Institute & Hospital (1985-1986)
          Mental Retardation, Child Psychiatry

Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic (1984-1985)
          Currently Pacific Clinics

Professional Certifications

Board Certified Diplomate
          American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

Academy of Certified Social Workers
          National Association of Social Workers

Qualified Clinical Social Worker
          National Association of Social Workers

Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
          National Association of Social Workers

Professional Memberships

American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

California Society for Clinical Social Workers

National Association of Social Workers

Q: What is Rob Kaufman's Work Experience?

A: See below:

Work Experience

Divorce Dialogue - A Divorce Support Group
     Founder, CEO & Facilitator
     Since 1981

Private Practice
     Since 1986

Aviva Family & Children's Services
     Clinical Director

Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services
     Social Worker

     University of Judaism (Wagner Program) - Parenting After Divorce
     Everywoman's Village - Assertive Divorce
     Learning Tree University - Couples Communication / Assertive Divorce
     Santa Monica Community College (Extension) - Divorce Support Group
     California State University, Los Angeles (Extension) - Assertive Divorce / Divorce Support Group

Q: How Do I Sign Up for Divorce Dialogue?

A: To register for Divorce Dialogue call Rob Kaufman at (818) 788-9567.

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