What is Divorce Dialogue?
Divorce Dialogue is a support group for men and women who are separated, divorced, or considering either. Since 1981, we have helped over one thousand people through the transition from being married to becoming single and on to healthier relationships. Divorce Dialogue is the oldest divorce support group in Los Angeles.

Rob Kaufman, who founded Divorce Dialogue, is a licensed psychotherapist (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and has been facilitating divorce support groups for over 25 years. He has helped all kinds of people with all kinds of divorce problems. Many members have stayed in the group over a year because of Rob. Some members have even reconciled with their spouse and remained in the group because they have learned so much about relationships.
Q: I'm still living with my spouse and I don't know if we are going to separate or divorce. Is Divorce Dialogue right for me? A: Yes. Even if you are not sure if you want to separate, the group discussions will help you decide whether to divorce or work toward a reconciliation.
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Why Join A Support Group?
Divorce is a journey, not a single event, during which men and women transition from being part of a couple to becoming single.

While no one ever marries planning to divorce, it sometimes happens. When it does, the goal is to begin as two, end as one, and still feel whole. Divorce Dialogue has helped more than a thousand accomplish this and much more.

You're going through a divorce. We've been through over 1000. People without children, with young children, teenagers, grown children and even grandchildren.

We have answered all the questions you are asking yourself, and many more you have not even thought of yet. And while no one can promise you the answer, we have the expertise to offer you many answers.

Q: Why should I join Divorce Dialogue instead of another divorce support group? Aren't they all the same? A: No. Every divorce support group is different, both in the format of the group and how the leader runs the group.
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How Divorce Dialogue Works
Divorce Dialogue is a support group that meets weekly for two hours in the comfort of members' homes.

Over coffee and dessert our first hour is devoted to discussing a specific topic relating to separation, divorce or relationships.

During our second hour we talk about whatever personal problems or issues are of interest or concern to any individual group member.

We have explored areas such as:
Loneliness Dating Children
Intimacy Anger Finances
Over the years, we have encouraged members to get together and socialize between meetings with and without their children. This allows many to make friends that may last a lifetime.
Q: Do I have to socialize with other members? What if I don't want to? A: No one is obligated to socialize if they don't want to. Many of our members have lost their old network of friends to the divorce. Some only have married friends who don't really understand what it feels like to go through divorce and so members welcome meeting and socializing with new friends from the group who truly understand what they're going through.
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In the past, members have celebrated birthdays and holidays including July 4th, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve while discussing issues such as:
  • When will I feel like my old self?
  • How much should I tell my kids?
  • Should I use an attorney or mediator?
  • What should I reveal on a first date?
Some members have even met others in Divorce Dialogue whom they dated and eventually married.

Who Are Our Members?
While there is no typical Divorce Dialogue group member, over the past 25 years we have learned that most individuals fall within three groups.
  • Members who are not yet separated but want to know what may happen if they do separate or divorce.
  • Members who are separated but not divorced and welcome encouragement in their transition.
  • Members who are divorced and want support as they make their way through the world of singles, dating and new relationships.
Q: I was in a significant relationship, but never married, can I still join Divorce Dialogue? A: Absolutely. While most members were or are still legally married, some members were never married but are going through a break up that is equally painful.
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