Finding a relationship is very difficult.
      Finding the right relationship is even more difficult.
            Nurturing that relationship is the most difficult of all.
                  And now . . . you don't have to do it alone.

Why join Relationship Support Group?
In 1981, when I established Divorce Dialogue, a divorce support group, I had a vision of creating three additional support groups, each one speaking to the needs of different groups of people along the relationship continuum:

One group for singles who never married, to explore the issues surrounding dating and relationships.

A second group for men and women who are between divorce and remarriage, to examine the complexities surrounding post-divorce dating and relationships.

A third group for people who are remarried and struggle with the challenges of blending the old habits and customs of two families into one new step-family. This is especially important where children from prior marriages are involved.

Relationship Support Group is a combination of all three groups where women and men can examine relationships on a deeper and more personal level.

Some members are dating but not in a relationship. Others are in a serious relationship and choose to turn to the group to explore if their relationship is both healthy and a good match.

We even have had members who are married and joined the group, with the support and encouragement of their spouse, to learn how to make their marriage and step-family the best it can be.

Exploring these questions in a safe and intimate setting, with others on a similar journey, can be more comforting than searching for answers all by yourself. We believe that together we can learn more than any one of us could ever discover on our own.

While members may be at different places in terms of a relationship, the one thing we all share is a desire to discuss the various challenges we each face whether we are searching for the right relationship or have already found it.

So, whether you are divorced, widowed, in a relationship, single or married, we can help you to make the relationship you are in or hope to be in the most satisfying one possible.

How the group works
Relationship Support Group meets every week for two hours in the comfort of members' living rooms.

Over coffee and dessert, our first hour is devoted to discussing specific topics related to a range of dating and relationship concerns.

During our second hour, we talk about whatever personal issues are of interest to you. We explore areas such as:
Romance Finances Honesty
Trust Intimacy Self Image

Members are encouraged to get together between meetings to socialize and talk about issues like:
  • When can I ask for more commitment?
  • How do I end it and not hurt his or her feelings?
  • What should I reveal on a first date?
  • Do my kids have to like whom I date?

Who are our members?
While there is no "typical" Relationship Support Group member, most individuals fall within three groups.
  • Those who are not dating, but seek to explore the kind of relationship they want in the future.
  • Those who are dating and wish to examine if the relationship they are in is right for them.
  • Those who are in a committed relationship and are looking to enhance their relationship and grow, both personally and as a couple.

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